The Ultimate Pinterest Guide

What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an image-based social media network that is slowly growing and becoming more and more popular in social media today. Like having an online scrapbook, Pinterest allows you to “pin” images into different categories of your choice. You can also follow other Pinterest users, share content, and make comments, the usual social network fare.

Also like most social media networks, updates are real-time, even allowing you to keep track of your pins on Twitter and Facebook. Pinterest’s edge over other social media networks is that its content gives the users inspiration. Thanks to a combination of visual content and personal interest, Pinterest becomes a guide of sorts that allows people to do many things, like which products to buy or which places to visit, which shops to buy from, and other things.

So how does Pinterest work? First of all, you have to join Pinterest first, which is invite only. It is possible to request for an invite, and you can log in with your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Now here is an overview of Pinterest’s different features:

Pins – The main content of the site. A pin is basically an image or a video uploaded to the site. It’s usually uploaded either by the user, or is from an existing website. Descriptions can be added into these pins.

Boards – Boards are where you keep your pins. You can have multiple boards and can be organized into different categories, in any way you choose. You can also choose to follow other people’s boards. This can even be done with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, already giving you a list to start with.

Repins –Essentially the“retweets”of Pinterest. Repins are pins that you share from other users, adding it to your own boards. Repins lets you edit their descriptions and gives credit to the one who first pinned the image.

Likes – Works just like any other “like” button found in other social media sites, though liking a pin doesn’t add it to your boards.

Pinning from the web – Pinterest allows you to add a “Pin it” button to your browser, allowing you to easily pin anything you find in the Internet. You can select which image to pin from the page, and then select a board to place it on. Currently only available to Google Chrome.

Sharing – After pinning an image or video, you can choose to share it on Twitter or Facebook. These options also appear while viewing a pin on Pinterest.

That’s the general overview of what you can do using Pinterest. Now, how will this benefit those who are promoting brands on Pinterest?

1) Helps you get seen

Smaller businesses can get an edge in the market through Pinterest, especially those who aren’t doing well with search engines. Pinterest helps companies get discovered, bringing back results of different and new brands not normally found in search engine results.

2) Builds links

Anytime someone pins from your site, a link is pulled along with the pinned image. That pin has a chance of being repined even more times, meaning more backlinks to that pin are generated.

3) Brand advocacy

Suppose someone likes your product so much and pins it into their board. This will mean that they would likely dedicate an entire board to your brand, for all to see.

Those are the benefits small-name brands can have in Pinterest. So how can companies make full use of these benefits?

1. Follow, repin and like other users. Encourage them to follow you and repin your content.

2. Encourage employees to create their own Pinterest accounts. Let your staff in on the fun, too. Let them show how much they are into the products as you are.

3. Create boards beyond your own brand. Spread your craft out, while still keeping your content related to what you’re promoting.

4. Add a Pinterest icon. Make others aware of you by giving them the option to follow you.

5. Incorporate a “Pin it” button. You don’t have to necessarily create a Pinterest account to get your brand involved. You can still add a “Pin it” button to your site pages, allowing people to still see your stuff.

And that is the ultimate guide to Pinterest. Now that you know everything you need to know about Pinterest, you’re now ready to start pinning and get yourself known.

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