The Bankster: Novel Review

The Bankster is a fictional novel of high profile scam which is connected to a covert CIA agent in Angola, an old man in Kerala who fulfills the promise made to his dying son and mysterious deaths of key employees of an international bank. The book holds a perfect collection of emotions of a family, mentality of people when it comes to money, scams, betraying, how deep people could drop their humanity for wealth and fortune and a mind cracking mystery.


The book circles around three stories, as mentioned in summary, which are connected to each other. The story of the bank named GB2 and their employees fascinated me the most. It shows the politics between the employees and how it affects the other employees and customers. How the bank works and what they can do the touch the heights of the profits. The story explains every single politics played between the higher authorities and even the newly joined recruits. On the other hand, the story of a old man in Kerala who fulfills the promise made to his dying son, is also very emotional, touchy and motivational.


Ravi Subramanian, John Grisham of banking, is an Indian respected author. He is a banker by profession and his major interest in writing Banking Thrillers. Until now, Ravi Subramanian had written five popular novels about banking and bankers. One of which, The Incredible Banker, has won the Economist Crossword Book Award in 2011 and was the best selling author. Other of his books are If God was a Banker, Devil in Pinstripes, I bought the Monk’s Ferrari and The Bankster.

Ravi Subramanian is a alumnus of Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, batch of 1993 and after working with companies such as Citibank, HSBC and ANZ Grindlays, Ravi Subramanian is now the CEO of a listed NBFC. Ravi Subramanian also writes for popular magazines such as The Economic Times.


The Bankster is a amazing book. The best advantage of this book is the knowledge it holds. By reading this book, you can learn many things such as what should really matter in your life. And practically speaking, as we all know how our organization and our Government, as a matter of fact, is corrupted, you can learn how this politics is happening, who are involved and how you can get rid of it. This book is a great preparation for coming days of your own organization and life.

But, if you does not belong to the banking and finance sector or do not understand these terms as much, bottom line if you are like me, the book will be little hard to understand at first. But as you keep reading it further, you will get clear on the situation which is happening.

At last, I would like to say that, you must give this book a shot and see if you really like it. I am no man to rate this book but if I had to, I would rate it 5 STAR and 1 extra STAR for the dedication of the Author.

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