Digital SLR Cameras

The name digital SLR camera has been given to the digital single lens reflex cameras. These cameras have become very popular since it utilizes a mirror positioned behind the camera lens that helps in directing the light towards the viewfinder when a shot is being taken. When the shutter is being released the mirror subsequently swings quickly out of the way that allows the light from the lens to travel straight to the sensor and for few second blackouts the viewfinder. The viewfinder in a in a single lens reflex camera consists of a prism normally a penta-prism that flips the incoming image around so that one can see it right side up and bounces it onto the focusing screen where one can see it.

The digital single lens reflex cameras allows wide range of lens focal lengths and perhaps that is the prime reason for SLR’s to have such wide recognition in the world of photography. In a non-SLR camera the user needs to match the angle view of the capturing lens with that if the viewing lens. This is pretty simple with a fixed lens or a short range zoom but when it comes to cover a wider range of focal lengths the process becomes difficult and requires increasingly complex and expensive viewfinder mechanism. An SLR has helped to get rid of this complex viewfinder mechanism. Most of the digital SLR cameras except for the basic entry levels cameras incorporate a Live-View mode that assists photographers to use the LCD to compose shots in a manner similar that can be done with a snapshot camera.

The digital SLR cameras come in wide ranges. The most common among them are the interchangeable-lens full system. As the name suggests the capability to remove one lens and replace it with another is the feature that set these cameras apart from others. NikonD300 is one such example. There are fixed lens digital SLR cameras also in the market that uses a semitransparent non-moving mirror to bounce some light to the viewfinder while allowing most of the light through the sensor which implies that they can use the LCD’s for composing. Due to their limitation in versatility these are not very popular. Most of the digital SLR cameras available today are of the interchangeable lens type.

There are many major brands of cameras that are busy into manufacturing digital SLR’s. Nikon, Cannon, Sony and other camera brands have various ranges of digital SLR in the market available at different price ranges. The image given out by digital SLR’s have better quality for instance a 10 megapixels camera output from a digital SLR camera would be able to beat a typical digicam. Digital SLR’s also exhibit better performance because they have faster auto-focus, shorter shutter delay and faster continuous shooting with a larger memory buffer.

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