Top 5 Social Media Apps for Windows 8 Mobile

          You might be experienced in the older version of Windows operating system of Microsoft, and looking for a new upgrade in your way of using the features means, just get in stuck to Windows 8 Mobile, if you are least bothered and if you would say you are okay with what you have now, I would say you been feared to use it. Trust me, if you’ve enrolled and start to use Windows 8 mobile features, then for sure you will not way back to pick your alternate choices. You can enjoy Windows 8 with social media apps installation. Fine, here I am not grabbing or commending you, I am just sharing my experience with the ease of use Windows 8 mobile application development.


          LinkedIn mobile apps make you sure to get connected with more than 175 million members worldwide, so it’s more useful to track newer information from professionals ,competitor etc., on your mobile screen. So with a wider screen update on Windows 8 mobile make you people step forward. A well designed structure of this app helps to sync with your mobile calendar to get noticed about the meetings and this even help you get notified of recent jobs.

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          People elsewhere on your group will share what they do and they will look at what you have for them. A better solution for good business relationship on hand. Students can also get connected to professional and get newer ideas of what they share. They can also join discussions to know more about their field of interest and he/she can get involved with researchers and has on option to place papers.


          Next interesting social media app, which is preferred by professional now-a-days, why so? It’s because, this app provides a face-to-face interaction with each other who involved in the conversation. Windows 8 mobile Skype app combines messenger and Skype so that you can check out recent calls and also you can view a history log for all your chats which happen from multi devices, along this allows you to send files across.

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          Farthest you stay but an easy way to get connected is possible by this Instant Messenger app of Windows 8 phone, which grabs a lot of space for just messenger. Helps and make you connected to all your instant messaging account of anything by selecting the icon for which you need feed, It could be of Gtalk, Yahoo messenger, AOL, Facebook, Skype. So you get connected via this single messenger with multi-platform services. This app gives you a complete control to held back or block people whom you don't know. This will also make them stop pushing email alerts for your message inbox when you're offline.

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          Twitter Windows 8 app has its newer functionality with snap view, besides the usual Home, Connect, Discover and Me Tabs. This newer twitter snap twitter allows you to get a notification of tweets, messages and mentions in right side of the screen, where you can have another app functioning on the main screen. You can tap a photo of your interest with friends and share photos on their profile photo gallery to view its larger image on the centre screen and you will get notified of twitter feeds by enabling Live Tiles and notifications. Tweet Deck is an app of twitter that we can't forget, this helps the power users of twitter, allows to handle multiple accounts in a column view.

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          No one will say no ever for Facebook. I knew only two apps of Facebook when I started Messenger and Facebook home recently for android, do you know there are other interesting apps too. Search for Facebook Mine which will give you a excellent feeds from Twitter and Instagram, complimenting the Windows 8 mobile screen. Facebook Touch gives you an excellent chat functionality which is not the one supported by Facebook Mine, this makes the loss feel of chat down. Facebook Pro+ is very similar of Facebook Touch, Where Feed for Facebook helps to view status, photos shared and comments on your favorite page functions more like a Pinterest.

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          No one is leading their life without dependent. Social media plays a key role in engaging people all the time, so it’s better to have social media apps in one ground, which I choose to place it was Windows 8 phone. You be whomsoever, might be a business savvy, might be a employer, parent, University/School/college goer, What you would seek now to get it touch with your friends/colleagues and relatives? Mobile connection with network enhancement. Continue to have the same embraced with these above mentioned list of Social media apps for Windows 8 framework mobile, return back and comment over here, I assure nothing will leap you fall.

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