Firefox OS Simulator – Test & Develop for Firefox OS without a Phone

Mozilla has developed an add-on for Firefox Browser which can simulate
the Firefox OS where you can experience the total ease of Firefox OS and develop for it. If you haven’t seen the Firefox OS review on HowLog yet, you can click here.
Firefox OS
Firefox OS Simulator Dashboard (Photo Credit: Firefox Marketplace)

How to install Firefox OS Simulator

1)    Open Firefox.
3)  Click
‘Add to Firefox’ button and download the add-on. The add-on is large (50-100MB)
so it will take time to download. Sometimes, it can be unresponsive but
continue as it will succeed after some time.

How to use

1)    Open Firefox menu (Windows) or Tools
menu (Max or Linux)
2)  Go to Web Developer
3)  Click Firefox OS Simulator
4)  Drag the ‘Stopped’ button to right side
and it will turn into ‘Running’ button and you are ready to go.

How to install Apps

There are two ways to install apps on simulator using Dashboard:
1)  First is by clicking on ‘Add Directory’ button
and selecting the app fire from your computer.
2)  You can also install app using the URL of the
app and putting it in ‘URL textbox’ on Dashboard and clinking on ‘Add URL’

How to create Apps

Mozilla is providing free tutorials to create Apps on
Also, you can create the Apps for free as it uses tools like HTML5 and C++ which are free.

Video Tutorial



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