Firefox OS for Mobile Phones


Firefox Operating System for Phones
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After a successful launch of Ubuntu for Phones in early 2013, now Mozilla has announced to come in the market with their in-development Phone operating system called Firefox OS.
Maintaining their open source standards, this time too they have created the platform totally free from any rules and restrictions whatsoever. The operating system is totally built on HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and C++ so if you want to customize your own Firefox OS, you can do it without any permissions from the company. As you can see, the company saying ‘The Web is the platform’ is true.

The initial release of the Firefox OS (Developer Firefox OS preview) will be done on the geeksphone currently in two models called Keon and Peak.
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Now the question arises that is Firefox OS going to become a sensation like Android or fails like Chrome OS. We have to wait for the answer for not so long. Until then, subscribe to HowLog for follow-ups of this news and more of such interesting news.


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