Six Tools That Let You Add Customer Surveys To Your Website

Survey tools are very important when trying to obtain a highly efficient = customer satisfaction program. It can help any business to improve their level of customer satisfaction and stay competitive.
Customer Surveys
A business these days understand that the key element to success inside a marketplace that is highly competitive is efficient customer management. It is a strategic advantage to all businesses to implement customer relationship building. Also, to achieve and keep high up on the priority list, businesses are investing a great deal of effort and money into Customer Relationship Management. With more advanced technology as well as active research activity in the marketplace, more companies are making use of customer satisfaction surveys for their in-house operations. A good number of responses from respondents obtained in the form of feedback or reviews will support the continuous strategy of ongoing improvement and measurement.

Add Surveys to Your Website with these 6 Tools


This site provides you with a hosted online survey tool so you can create basic surveys. It offers a free version that could be useful for informal or small surveys, however, it only provides you with little survey customization, only 10 question and 100 response collection per survey and no downloads of data and reports.


This tool offers polls and surveys which can be embedded on your site and applications easily. Again, it is pretty basic and only offers a 10 question maximum per survey as well as 100 responses each month. Also, it gives you very basic reporting.

Lower Cost Integrated Solutions

You will find numerous inexpensive solutions which provide a large array of features outside of polls and surveys. These kind of features can be helpful if your survey needs tend to overlap with others like sending emails, for instance. However, when using these types of integrated tools, the survey functionality can be pretty basic and will unlikely be able to meet the requirements of businesses looking for more advanced analysis or survey logic features.


This tool is made for generating website forms from your basic “contact us” form to evaluation forms. If the primary focus of the forms is for test-taking and getting feedback, keep in mind this tool offers very basic survey features.

Constant Contact

This tool is better known for being an autoresponder and email marketing tool, but it also provides a hosted survey tool called “Listen-Up” which has some intriguing benefits. This is a fairly limited platform as well.

Mindshare Technologies

This tool offers Enterprise Feedback Management software that will help companies to grow and protect their business by providing them with valuable insight on how their customers feel and think. It provides real customer intelligence that offers actionable information so the business can improve customer experience immediately. The platform will capture, analyze and report information and present it in a format that is organization friendly and easy to understand so your business can act upon it instantly. Your business can leverage this extremely valuable customer intelligence strategically for immediate improvement of customer loyalty and company profit as a whole. Along with this platform is the Mindshare Voice of Customer services which is additionally an option that uses Mindshare VoC Text Analytics Suite to ensure there is no wasted feedback.
By having survey tools to get important customer feedback and reporting, your business can use it to crosscheck with existing data, analyze it and use it to tailor company goals and existing marketing initiatives.

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