Blackberry Z10 Price in India: Symbol of Status

The world stands in need of new and exotic features in technology and it still craves for something new. Blackberry Z10 offers such incredible features that one is dumbfounded to see. It is amazing to see how human mind can excel in certain aspects and the features in Blackberry Z10 bring you face to face with the amazing and mesmeric wonders of Blackberry mobile. Very often you might have tried to classify the mobile phones on the basis of the appearance, features, shapes and sizes. Now it is your term how you classify yourself. The time has come in which category you place yourself. Mind you that Blackberry mobile is not for those who desire to pay less and gain more.

Blackberry is focused on some specific elite class that is ready and enjoys paying for what they use. The Blackberry mobile appears to be the symbol of their status. So now it depends upon you where and how you categorize yourself. Blackberry Z10 with its launch in the market have created havoc. There was a momentary hue and cry from the acrimonious rivals but seeing the incomparable features now their criticism has died down and lost in some far horizon. They posses no more power to disparage and diminish the honor and status of Blackberry. The Blackberry Z10price in India ranging around Rs. 43-44,000 certainly commensurate the features it encompasses and many of the users go to the extent of saying that at this price range anything more and better is next to impossible.

With the height of 130 mm / 5.12 inches and width of 65.6 mm / 2.58 inches, its weight is 135.4g / 4.78 oz and it is built in such a way that none finds it to be a burden to carry. All-touch screen, with intuitive gesture based navigation make it such a device that you do not need to be an expert in mobile handling. Whether you wish to capture the memorable moments and immortalize them or wish to store a large quantity of data, you can fulfill your every desire with Blackberry Z10. The 8 mega pixel primary and 2 mega pixel secondary camera never make you feel the lack of any special camera of high resolution. And if you are an internet lover, you will never feel the lack of any computer or laptop. With this mobile in hand you have everything you desire and require.

Blackberry Z10 price in India must definitely be higher than what it is. But thanks to Blackberry that it is offering such a high status symbol at a reasonable price. Now it is your turn to grab the opportunity and elevate your standard of status in the company of Blackberry Z10.

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