5 Best Anti-Theft Apps for Android

Current developments in mobile technology allowed smart phones to mimic certain functionality of traditional desktops. Most users prefer to purchase this gadget due to its advantage on convenience and portability.

Phones with Android operating systems are more popular to the public because of the vast array of models and features to choose from as well as its pocket-friendly prices. In reality, not everyone can afford to own smart phones thereby resorting to theft and this has been an ongoing problem.

A responsible mobile phone owner needs to come up with ways to protect themselves from theft. It can be done by practicing self-discipline by avoiding the using gadgets in busy and crowded places; or by installing apps designed to boost device security which now leads us to the most recommended anti theft apps, Android users can try for free:

Cerberus – Top of the Line Security

Cerberus is a two-part app: 

(1) Web version which requires users to initially register for an account on www.cerberusapp.com by providing a valid email address and password. A welcome message is sent via email containing the SMS codes --keywords needed by the device to perform a command in case it’s stolen. 

(2) The Mobile App itself that must be correctly installed to your device. 

In case your phone got stolen make sure to familiarize yourself with the most basic commands. You can do it via SMS or online. The developers of Cerberus recommend the latter since it is more practical. Once the commands are successfully deployed locating your device through GPS, getting details such as IP address and current WIFI connection can be retrieved, locking the device as well as setting up a password in place, starting an alarm along with an instant displayed message easily readable by the thief and most importantly erasing all data – located in the internal device memory as well as the external SD cards.

Avast! – Most Comprehensive Mobile Security

Provides an all-around device protection where users can schedule automated scans for consistent virus scans and malware checks. On the other hand, this app has the mobile security basics such as locking the device, activating alarm to warn bystanders, deleting all your personal data, and invalidating access to your phone.

To achieve maximized mobile security with this app, you will be required to download and install additional tools. Additions like 

(1) Web Shield that minimizes exposure to possible threats while surfing the net 

(2) Firewall 

(3) SMS and Call filters – responsible in screening incoming  calls and texts  therefore blocking unwanted calls and messages. 

Take note: all these features can only be used if your device has been ROOTED.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Lite – Cloud-based Scanning Utility

Kaspersky features basic key tools in mobile protection and is pre-emptive in nature. It immediately notifies you of any imminent malware threats before if even causes damage your device. Unwanted call and text spam are also since it allows you categorize unwanted callers and senders. On top of all, it blocks device access; wipes-off all your saved data and locates the device if stolen. 

The upgraded advanced version can provide additional features. Mobile phones can still be traced even if the original SIM card used has been replaced or taken out. An automated cloud-based scan can be done simultaneously while another app or file is currently being downloaded. Specific saved data can be concealed to unauthorized users.

Quick Heal Mobile Security – Also Recommended for Tablets

One of the highest rated mobile security app. It comes with virus protection features that automatically updates anti-virus to its latest version as well as scans for malicious wares and Trojans, downloaded apps, and stored files. Calls and messages are vigilantly screened to block unnecessary spam. 

Moving on to its anti theft capacities it can remotely lock and block access to your device. It is equipped with state of the line mobile tracker and locator and SIM change alert. Once the SIM card is taken out without approval, the Quick Heal Mobile Security will automatically forbid access.

Lookout – Trusted Name in Mobile Security

Lookout is renowned for its reputable mobile security applications that come in both free and premium versions. Prime functions include: 

(1) creation of a 2-gig cloud back-up and restore features 

(2) thorough software scans to prevent virus and malwares 

(3) well designed user interface and 

(4) the usual anti-theft features. 

Despite the lack of alerts or notifications once the SIM card has been replaced, this app prides itself with the new Signal Flare Feature - automatically documents your phone’s most recent location before the battery is all juiced out. There were flaws cited in some instances. Scenarios during a theft incident may provide misleading locations therefore this feature needs to make room for developments.  

Aside from these 5, there are still various anti-theft apps available for download and most of them can be tried out for free. Don’t be afraid to test different apps.  Only then can you choose the best one that complements your preferences perfectly. 

About the author:

Allie Cooper is a young upcoming writer, a certified gamer known for weaving in her indelible wit into tech and game reviews, and writes about O2, tech companies, from UK and internet start-ups to bigger businesses.

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