Is Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Worth the Hype?

Of late Samsung has dominated the mobile market quite well, posing to challenge the fame of iPhone. The different smartphones that the company has been launching has just been topped with the Galaxy S III Mini announcement. This mini version of S III aims to target those customers who wish to put their smartphones to practical use.

Is Samsung Galaxy S III Mini Worth the Hype?

So, why has Samsung launched this tiny version? Is it really for their loyal customers looking for a smaller smartphone or is it to take the iPhone, Samsung war to the next level? Or is it an attempt to lure Apple customers?

It cannot be the price, since that has not yet been disclosed. Nor is the availability. The only thing that is known is the features of the Mini version. Read on to know more about these features –

  1. Screen – Samsung Galaxy S III Mini has a 4” Super Amoled screen.
  2. OS – It runs on Jelly Bean or Android 4.1.
  3. S-Voice – The S-III Mini has S-Voice, similar to Siri of iPhone. You can use this feature to play songs, unlock your phone, organize your schedules, adjust volume on your phone or even use the camera.
  4. Smart Stay – This phone is designed to understand gestures. The Smart Stay feature permits eye tracking.
  5. TouchWiz Interface – It uses TouchWiz interface.
  6. Direct Call – The Direct Call features lets you dial any number by just taking the phone to your ear.
  7. Smart Alert – With this feature, you will never miss out messages or calls. You will be alerted to them as soon as you pick up your phone.
  8. Camera – Samsung Galaxy S III Mini has camera at both the front and the back cameras.
  9. Other Features – It has a digital compass, gyroscope, accelerometer and proximity sensor. It supports WiFi, Bluetooth and has many preloaded Google apps like Gmail, Google Search and Google Maps.
  10. Network - This phone runs on EDGE/GPRS and HSPA Networks.

LTE or Long Term Evolution is however, missing from this miniature smartphone. This means that the price of this Galaxy S III Mini will be way lower that it big brother. It is sure to help boost sales. With LTE and the small screen, Samsung is surely targeting those customers who wish to upgrade to smartphones but lack the budget. This phone will be within reach of many people.

But, while Samsung’s motive may be purely to enhance its sales, it also seems that it is taking potshots at Apple when it uses the word “mini” in its terminology to describe the new phone. Since when is a 4” screen mini?

But potshots or not! It remains yet to be seen how well Samsung Galaxy S III Mini will be received by the masses. Will there be any Apple converts and how many people will take advantage of Samsung’s offering and upgrade to this smartphone. There is no doubt, that this launch has put the smartphone within the common man’s reach. It is for those people who want to upgrade but not to a cheap phone that does not have good features.

With the small 4” screen, it appears that the target is the European market that prefers a smaller screen to the larger one. Will Samsung succeed in its endeavor?

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