How Technology Is Ruining You

In our century, we have everything at ease of our fingertips. We can video chat to the person 100 miles away that also for free, we can find someone in other continent within a second, and make friends for all over the globe we could have never met. But I have only one question to ask that
“Connecting people were never this easy but are we connected?”
Many, especially our elders, would say that people were never so disconnected before ever as much as in this century.
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My Grandpa was talking to me on this topic and he started his own stories about how he used to have fun without smartphones when he was young, how they used to talk so much without a telephone, how they used to search things without Google (yes, without Google) and how they used to send mails without Google Mail. I remember one thing that he shared with me about mails. My grandpa is a retired army person and he told me that when he used to send mails home about his coming dates of next month, most of the time he used to pick his own sent mails from postman at home. He used to reach home faster than mail. How slow and funny that mail services are, aren’t they?

There were no electricity in that part of the village where they lived but he told me that he was never bored. We panic even if the electricity goes for a hour or so, didn’t we? (don’t lie to yourself). We easily become bored even if we have dozens of entertainment things right in front of us.
That day, he unintentionally, put forced me to have this thought into my mind
“Really, is technology advancement ruining my life.”
I thought it all the night, sleeplessly and worried, and finally got the answer. Do you wanna know what the answer is? My answer is ‘No’. Your answer solely depends on you.
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Friends, I know you are confused. I will try to explain it as easy and straight as possible. The fact is very simple. Anything in this wonderful world has its own pros and cons. Now, the usage of yours decides that that thing is going to benefit you or going to cause damage.
People say that we are becoming lazy because of technology. True, but that’s the whole point of technology advancement; to make out work simpler. Although, we need to understand that we also need to focus on ourselves.
Lets see an example of Facebook. Facebook is a awesome social network and most of the people will agree on that. But Facebook can cause a very big damage (no offense, Mark) if used inappropriately. You can now easily come to hear people saying Facebook ruined my marriage or career. See this awesome post for instance if you do not believe (although, that won’t happen ūüôā ), read this awesome post New fast track to divorce courts by Louisa Hearn.
Facebook really is a ‘must use’ website so as other technologies. You just need to set boundaries for usage. As long as you do that, you won’t get added into ‘ruined by technology’ list.
At last, I would like to tell you that I have decided to use technology as long as I did not depend on it. I think you will do it too and Keeping my fingers crossed that it won’t harm you in anyway. All the best.
So, I hope I conveyed my message to all my friends who are reading this post.
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