How To Un-Root Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570

How To Un-Root Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570

In the previous post, we learned how to Root Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570. But what if your phone gets malfunctioned and you want to use its warranty (you cannot use warranty of Rooted Phone since Root voids warranty) or you don’t want Rooted Phone and want the Un-Rooted Phone back. Now, you can Un-Root your phone too and that also with these ultra easy steps that are as follows:

How To Un-Root Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570

Step 1

Download ‘

Step 2

Copy this file to (the root directory of) your SD-Card.

Step 3

Power Off‘ your Phone.

Step 4

Press ‘Home + Power‘ button to boot into recovery mode.

Step 5

Select ‘apply update from sdcard

Step 6

Select ‘‘ from SD-Card.

Step 7

Wait till the file is successfully installed.

Step 8

Select ‘reboot system now‘ from menu if the Phone doesn’t restarts
. If the superuser app is removed then you have performed all steps correctly. Congratulations !!! Now all traces of rooting are removed. You can also now claim your warranty.
Enjoy Un-Rooting !!!

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11 thoughts on “How To Un-Root Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570

    • Dnt Wry. Try this:
      1. Switch off ur phone
      2. Press the power + center button at the same time.
      3. Hold it until the recovery mode appears.
      4. You will boot into recovery after a few seseconds
      5. If u press vlo down + power + center buttons, u go into download mode not recovery.

      Take care…

    • Sanjay,

      By default, phone manufacturers restrict users from getting admin rights of the phone. Rooting is done to get complete priviledges of the phone. Once rooted, you can do many cool things like editing system files and downloading cool apps from Google Play which only works on rooted devices.

      Galaxy Mini does not provide video calling as it do not have front camera.

      Best Regards

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