Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570

Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini Gt-S5570, according to me, is the best phone to try every feature of Android like Root, Flash etc since it is a fully featured phone in affordable price.

In this article, we are going to learn how to Root Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread effortlessly. I have personally tested this method since I own one Galaxy Pop/Mini Gt-S5570 and it is working properly.

You cannot use warranty after Rooting your Phone since Root voids warranty. And, this post will not work for phone with Baseband version is DDKC1 (see in Settings -> About Phone), you need to follow this guide for Baseband version DDKC1.

Step 1: 

Download 'pop'

Step 2: 

Copy it to the root of your SD card. [It is easy to find it there]

Step 3:  

Power Off your Phone.

Step 4: 

Press 'Home + Power On' button at the same time until the phone starts the Recovery Mode.

Step 5: 

Select 'apply update from sdcard' from the Menu.

Step 6: 

Select 'pop' from the SD card.

Step 7: 

Wait until the setup finishes.

Step 8: 

Select 'reboot system now' option after successful setup completion if the phone does not restarts automatically.

Step 9: 

After Reboot, check that 'Superuser' application is installed or not. If yes, you successfully rooted your phone.

Enjoy Rooting !!!

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  1. I get E:error in /tmp/ (Status 7) Installation aborted. Can you help please ?

  2. Friend,

    I had a little research all day and found on that

    "If you are trying to flash a new ROM in CWM recovery and you get a failure due to a (Status: 7) error, the reason is because you are either trying to flash the wrong ROM (ie: GSM Version of the ROM) or MOST LIKELY you have installed the GSM CWM Recovery on your CDMA phone.

    CWM will check to make sure that in the will be named correctly to either toro or the GSM version, if the other version is there, it will flag it and not flash."


    Also mail me all details of your phone including which OS it has so that I can clarify the reason.


  3. Thanks man, I just sent you the email

  4. Okay, I've downloaded the file, now how do I copy it to the root of my SD card?

  5. when i select 'apply update from sd' it doesnt work and says something about not found. please help

    1. Can u mail me all the details of your phone. Go to Settings -> About Phone and send all the details to figure out. In the meanwhile, you can retry by re-downloading the file and doing the process again. Thanks

  6. Hi nikhil.i want root my galaxy pop.this is my phone detail...
    MODEL NO.-GT-S5570
    KERNEL VERSION- root@SE-605#1

    it is my phone detail.can u help me to root my phone.

    1. You have to go to Samsung service center and upgrade your phone to Gingerbread because these steps works only on Gingerbread.

  7. Yes i try above procedure.but its not work.any other way to root my phone.

  8. Replies
    1. Vijay,

      Visit this link for your solution:

      And, thanks for your patience, friend.

      Best Regards

  9. do i need to backup my data..i.e.contacts n all..will rooting delete dat

    1. In this procedure, data will not be deleted. But to be on safer side, backup it. There are apps on Google Play to do that.

  10. hi,
    i have rooted ma GT S5570 just now. now i could uninstall apps like fb, playstore setvices..
    still i am unable to move these kind of apps to SD.
    ma phine detials
    Model number
    Android version
    Baseband version
    Kernel version
    Build number



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