What are the ways to Accept Payments with Tech Tools?

What are the ways to Accept Payments with Tech Tools?In this post, you will learn about the various ways to accept payments with modern technology tools. It seems like just about everybody wants to own his or her own business these days, and in a way it's a more attainable goal than it once was. That's not to say it's easy to get a functioning business off the ground by any stretch of the imagination, but from simple ways to build your own website to automated accounting tools, there are many parts of the process that have been streamlined for modern entrepreneurs. But along with the benefits of such streamlined processes, small business owners today face some modern challenges that are unique to our time. And one that's becoming more and more important is the ability to facilitate quick, effortless payments.

The Psychology behind App Development

Apps aren't just the pretty pictures, the fun games, or the speedy services that they offer. There's much more to a mobile app than meets the eye. Users just see interfaces, but app developers and anybody else on the back end of an app see everything that went into that app. They see the hard work they put in, the money, the design, the ideas, and the one thing that many people don't even think of: the psychology.

The Psychology behind App Development

Apps are made to bring in revenue, to give an experience, and to keep people coming back. Many of the techniques that are used to fish for users and reel them in are based on the psychology of the human brain. There's a lot of psychology behind app design such as emotional reactions to colors and the way the brain organizes separate elements into groups (the Gestalt effect). It's not just the design that affects people's brains, though. Think back to when you've played on an app for so long that you forgot what day it is. That wasn't just you getting caught up. There's a real psychological reason for that.

How To Install WordPress on BlueHost (with Pictures) for Newbies

In the previous post, we learned why we should use WordPress for blogging. In this post, we will learn how to install WordPress on BlueHost hosting service. Follow the below steps to install WordPress on BlueHost and start blogging:

BlueHost-WordPress Setup

Step 1: Login to BlueHost using your credentials.

Step 2: Scroll down and click Install WordPress under the website section.

Install WordPress on BlueHost- Image 1

How to Write SEO Optimized Post and Increase Blog Traffic

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, is a process of a process of optimizing your blog or website to increase the visibility in search engines and blog traffic. The higher the visibility in the search engine result, the more you will get the traffic to your blog. In this post, you will understand how a search engine works when listing the search results and write your blog post according to that so that you list higher in a search list. Here is a checklist for you before publishing the post:

SEO Increase Blog Traffic Check List

How to Research and Decide Your Blog Niche

Deciding a blog niche i.e. topic for your blog can be a pain in your {you know what I mean}. One of the major reason that blogs don't work is improper niche. It is very important for a blogger to have a fix niche to a blog and stick to it. In this post, I will tell you the ways using which you can find a niche for a blog and start earning. Before going forward, let's first discuss why we need a niche in a blog to start earning.