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Sunday, June 28, 2015

How, When and Why To Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Blog

What is Facebook Ad?

Facebook Ad is way to promote your Website, Posts or your Facebook Page on Facebook. Facebook Ads usually appear on the right bottom side of you wall. Facebook Ads help you reach more people having the similar interest to what your are promoting. It is simple way to promote and increase the sales of the product you offer.

When to use Facebook Ad?

Both start ups as well as settled businesses. Hence there is no particular scenario when you are forced to use Facebook Ad to increase your sales. But if you are a new in business and drive some genuine traffic to your website, you can use Facebook Ads

Why to use Facebook Ad?

It's as simple as that, you should only and only use Facebook Ad to convert your visitors subscribers or customers of your blog. Why? Because if you only drive traffic to your website, there is a chance that visitor will not come back again after visiting your blog. Instead, you should make them subscribe your blog. Then and then only Facebook Ads are worth to be used.

How can you convert Facebook visitors into Blog Subscribers?

Everybody tells you to write a good post, I am going to tell you what after that. There are plenty of ideas using which you can turn your visitors into subscribers like you can create a log-in popup, sidebar subscribe form, asking user to log-in to see the full content you offer ( does this).

What are the types Facebook Ads?

There are three types of Ads Facebook provides:

1) Promote Page - This type of Ad will only help you to increase you Facebook Page Fans.

2) Promote Website - This will help you to drive traffic to your Website.

3) Boost Post - This will help you to boost your post you posted on your Facebook page. in this type of Ad, number of people like this post versus the number of people who actually visited your website to read the post are very low. Below is the screenshot of the campaign I ran for my post:

Source - 4 Fashion Apps Every Fashionista Needs!

As you can see, for the budget of Rs. 320, my post reached 3064 people, of which 241 people liked the post and only 11 people clicked the Ad and visited my website.

How to use Facebook Ads?

Visit your Facebook Page and you will been shown three buttons as shown in below screenshot:

Source - 3 Apps that would turn any Photos into a Professional Photograph

After that, simply decide your budget and pay using the provided options. Click here to visit the Official Facebook Promotion Page.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

3 Apps that would turn any Photos into a Professional Photograph

Not every one of us have DSLR or Digital camera with us all the time. What you need is an amazing collection of smartphone applications that would change any of your image into a professional picture. Here is the list of apps that have the ability to turn your smartphone camera pictures into a professional camera photographs. Take some amazing selfies or snaps on the go using these great apps.

1) POMELO - Absolute Filters

3 Apps Every Photography Lover Needs!
Picture taken by Nikhil Tamhankar using Pomelo App - Cavalry Tank Museum, Ahmednagar, India
                Capture. Create. Inspire. The simplest, yet the best of all the photography apps you will find in Google Play or App Store. Yup, better than Instagram. Pomelo camera provides 70+ gorgeous filters for your need. The App can not only edit the existing photo but you can click the photograph in real-time too with pre-enabled filter. Gives you the complete Image manipulation package with the bundled tools such as Rotate, Crop, Fade, Tilt etc. Also, share the photos anywhere you want such as Instagram, Facebook or WhatsApp. You can join the Pomelo community and share your pictures on Twitter #Pomelocam too. Once more best thing about this app is that it is also available for your Windows PCs.

Pomelo Camera App

2) BeautyPlus - Magical Camera

                This application is Free only for the limited time. This application provided some of the amazing filters for taking portraits. The application comes with the built-in filters that would help in glowing your skin, removing any dark spots and circles or pimples on the face and slimming tools. Even the photo taken at midnight while you are in sleep would look like the professional portraits. Here is an example of a low light image taken at evening with a regular mid-range smartphone Moto G.

3 Apps Every Photography Lover Needs
Model: Nikhil Tamhankar - Photo Edited Using BeautyPlus

3) Instagram

                No need to explain this giant competitor of the photography industry. This app is unarguably the most popular photography app for smartphones. You might already have it but I am sure you have not used the app at its best capacity. This app is just amazing and provides you with some of the best built-in plugins we need in our day-to-day life. It is not only a camera app but a social media in itself too. Massive number of people share their amazing photographs on it and you can follow them for your inspiration. It’s just fun.

Instagram Screenshot

Which other photography apps would you like to add to this wonderful list? Do share in below comment section!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

4 Fashion Apps Every Fashionista Needs!

With fashion capital to offer so much in this era, it becomes difficult at times to keep track of the newest trends and hunting them down to keep our closets up-to-date! But there are some fashion apps that can make life easier. They can help you organize your wardrobes, act as your personal stylist, make shopping comfortable, make you aware of the hottest trends, inspire you and most importantly, help you become a diva in town! Here is a list of 4 fashion apps which every fashionista should have:

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

7 Things to know about Mobile Wallets

It seems that person’s wallets as well as money bags will rapidly lose all meaning and shortly if one will forget to carry its credit and debit card numbers with itself. However, one common question that keeps haunting people’s minds is whether handling money transactions through mobile are really safe? And if the individuals are by now dealing with money through their mobile, they are sure to have it on their minds if there is any means to make mobile payments safe even if the person is engaged in online recharge whether it is a Tata DOCOMO online recharge or any other connection one should be careful while giving its details.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

How to secure Yourself before your Smartphone

How to secure Yourself before your SmartphoneIt has been more than 4 months that I wrote something and it feels great to be back. I wanted to be meaningful when coming back. So here I am with the most meaningful post ever on HowLog. In this post, I am going to give you few tips about how to secure Yourself before your Smartphone. The whole reason behind inventing the phones were to be in contact with people generally or in case of emergency and in some way it is having a reverse impact on the youth’s mind, and not to forget, some of the elders too.

Here are steps by step tips to configure your phone in such a way that your phone can save your life in case of any kind of emergency:

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